Financial Products Service Partner

Starpowerz is affiliated with 36 banks and 28 NBFCs as a financial distributor. The organization is present at 156 locations and the aim is to double that well before 2020. With over 7,700 affiliates, 200 full-time resources, the organization's penetration at a mandal level makes them a powerful ally partner for every financial institution.

Starpowerz Currently Disburses The Following Financial Products

Fintech z

Starpowerz is working towards adding another distribution network for its portfolio of home loans, personal loans, business loans, mortgage loans and credit cards by expanding to the digital platform.

Recruitment z

The focus is always on finding the appropriate resource through a concerted corporate and campus-scan mechanism that is fine-tuned to our client's requirements. The typical process unfolds in the following manner:

  • Database search for eligible
  • Identifying and evaluating potential resources
  • Screening and short-listing candidates
  • Assessment in progressive phases leading up to the final round
  • Reference checks
  • Salary negotiations
  • Job offers
  • Follow ups

Disciplined teams of professionals take full ownership of assignments until they are successfully concluded. Enterprise resources are deployed at short notice to ensure quick turnaround and ensure project completion.

Starpowerz partners its clients all the way in the talent acquisition process. It endeavours to be a pro-active partner who adds greater value by identifying, assessing and then providing the profiles to the client along with a "definitive line of interviewing" to aid in the selection.